About Us

La Corneta opened its doors on September 13, 1995 in 2834 Diamond Street in Glen Park. The owner, Joel Campos, with the help of his family, found a small spot in a wonderful neighborhood. The aim of Joel Campos was to offer fresh and delicious food with good prices and service in a fast manner. Shelley Masters, a renowned artist, was a key element in the design and appearance of the restaurant. Her murals were one of the main factors for which the restaurant stood out. Joel Campos hired employees from other different taquerias and Mexican restaurants to form a team that will carry out his idea. From the beginning, it was a great success. Very soon the restaurant became too small for the amount of daily patrons that visited the place; it was obvious that this taqueria was different. With great effort, La Corneta continued working in such conditions until its expansion in the year 2000 when it acquired the commercial space next door and combined them.

The Mission district is known for being the Latino heart of San Francisco. It’s filled with numerous restaurants, but mostly taquerias and Mexican eateries. The competition was going to be tough since many had been there for decades. However, the owner decided to open its second location right between 23rd and 24th on Mission Street. Some were pessimistic about the chances of succeeding there, knowing that in the neighboring 10 blocks there were already more than twenty five Mexican restaurants. After reconstructing the building completely on 2731 Mission St, the restaurants grand opening was on May 5th, 2000. The walls of the new location were all painted again by Shelley Masters. The center of the artwork is a beautiful Virgen de Guadalupe. Until today, these two locations are without doubt two of the most popular taquerias in the Bay Area.

It is a great experience to come to our restaurants and witness how in front of your eyes our staff prepares your food with the freshest ingredients and in a timely manner. We are able to accommodate vegetarians very well as we have many items that are free of animal products. We welcome you to come visit us and try our delicious tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, seafood, chile rellenos, and all our other wonderful plates in our extensive menu.